For many years, God has been stirring His people in Chicagoland towards greater collaboration through times of united prayer. Many separate movements of prayer have become a mighty tributary of something larger that God is doing. A growing number of organizations, churches and prayer networks have begun to walk in step with each other in ways previously unseen in Chicagoland.

This summer, we invite you to continue practicing unity and to love your neighbors and neighborhoods in greater ways, together. We challenge you to not only continue to pray together, but to ‘wear your prayers’ in practical ways alongside brothers and sisters in Christ in your community.

Join many partners collaborating for Jesus Summer: Loving Your Neighbors and Neighborhoods Towards the Transformation of Chicagoland. Put your prayers into action in your community and work alongside local and national organizations lending their support. Discover others who are already involved in your neighborhood, or lead an effort where others can join you.

Join the movement.

Pray as if it all depends on God.

Work as if it all depends on us.