People Loving People - Night Walks in the Austin Community

Join People Loving People as we participate in the 100 Blocks / 100 Churches initiative in partnership with the Clergy and Community Division of the 15th District CAPS.   Night Walks are an opportunity to lift up a community in prayer and spread God’s love.

Mobile Homeless Outreach – People Loving People

Join the People Loving People team in its core ministry of faith, hope and love.  Help hand out individual meals, along with prayer, words of encouragement and affectionate love, through our mobile teams that will drive through various neighborhoods in the Southside and Loop areas, seeking for the homeless, hungry and hurting on the streets.  Be ready to pray in faith, extend a compassionate hand, minister in love and be a light of hope to those who are weary living out on the streets.

Crosses for Losses at 2018 Juneteenth Festival

Come be a part of this historic memorial ceremony, as we let go Red, Black and Green Balloons to those who have died from gun violence in Illinois. Reserve your balloon and launch it at the ceremony. Your $5 Donation will help purchase enough balloons to be let go on June 23rd at the Juneteenth Parade for Peace and the Free 3 Day 2018 Festival... Make your donation at or call 847-431-5046 (Funds raised will pay for balloons and to make a donation to the artist Greg Zanis).

Prayer Booth at Strides for Peace Run

Help man the prayer booth at the 2018 Strides of Peace run.

Come hang out, be available for prayer and conversations as hundreds run for peace in Chicago.